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Courses taught at Benedictine University 

Principles of Biology 

This course is designed for first year undergraduate students majoring in biological sciences. Our course uses student-driven and interactive approaches to facilitate the learning experience. We are committed to developing a course that is meaningful for our students, prepares them for the next coursework, and promotes diversity and inclusion in the sciences. 

Immunology / Infectious Diseases

These courses are intended for upper-level undergraduate and graduate students looking to learn about immunological and infectious diseases before starting at their target professional schools. The courses guide students through foundation topics using individual and teamwork case studies. Main targets of this course are to help students improve oral and written communication skills, and bedside manner.

Microbiology lecture and laboratory

Students beyond their first year can take this course. They learn basic microbiological techniques and are encouraged to learn to develop a research project. Our team-based projects are possible thanks to the Tiny Earth program. Tiny Earth promotes scientific inquiry and research independence. Students learn how to present and analyze data. Many students choose to do research after taking this course. 



On immunology,

"This class really makes you think and keep up on what you learned. Everything seems to connect one way or another."

On Principles of Biology,

"Our professor uses different methods to teach and accommodates everyone's preferred way of learning."

On infectious diseases,

"Our professor encourages students to step outside of their comfort zone, and learn to
communicate their knowledge with their peers."

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