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Tiara Perez Morales

My desire to learn about how microorganisms communicate goes back to my undergraduate research days. I have always been fascinated at how bacteria can sense and react to their environment. In our lab, we want to understand how specific cell-cell communication systems are used to benefit host-microbe interactions in our gastrointestinal tract. 


BS in Industrial Microbiology, University of Puerto Rico-Mayaguez

PhD in Microbiology, University of Iowa

Postdoctoral studies, University of Illinois at Chicago

Our researchers


Ahsan Adil, Junior

His work will identify potential phenotypes of quorum sensing in Lactobacilli


Ciera Duffy, Senior

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Her work will determine changes in quorum sensing expression in Lactobacilli 


Ahmed Mohiuddin, Sophomore

His work will determine phenotypes associated with quorum sensing proteins


Anna Thiel, Senior 

Her work will help determine effects of bile acids in quorum sensing systems


Zainab Ahmed, Senior

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Her work will help determine expression changes of quorum sensing target genes

Past research students 

Ifrah Khan, BS Health Sciences 

Najah Azim

Maryam Mohammed 

Noura Omari

Daniel Soto, HS

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