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Scholarly publications

Asterisk denotes undergraduate author

Nepomuceno, V. M., Tylor, K. M., Carlson, S., Federle, M. J., Murphy, B. T., & Perez Morales, T. (2023). A Streptomyces tendae Specialized Metabolite Inhibits Quorum Sensing in Group A Streptococcus. Microbiology spectrum, e0527922. 

Sarathy, J., Donner, F*., Perez Morales, T., Mehmood, D*., Simkeviciute, G*. (2022) Susceptibility, Symptoms, Progression, and Complications of COVID-19, National center for case study teaching in science (NCCSTS).

Adil A*, Sami S*, Perez Morales T. (2021) Remote Online Project: Traveling in a Virtual World, Researching Microbes. J Microbiol Biol Educ. 22(1):22.1.36. doi: 10.1128/jmbe.v22i1.2367. PMID: 33884054; PMCID: PMC8011873.

Pérez Morales, T.G., Darnell, C., Sarathy, J., Arevalo, H*. (2020) Case Studies in Immunology, National Center for Case Study Teaching in Science (NCCSTS)

Pérez Morales, T.G., Ratia, K., Wang, D-S., Gogos, A., Bloem, L., Driver, T., and Federle, M.J. (2018) A novel chemical inducer of Streptococcus quorum sensing acts by inhibiting the pheromone-degrading endopeptidase PepO. J Biol Chem 293(3):931-940

**** This work was featured in ****

UIC Today research 2018 

JJC The Blazer 2019 

Microcosm ASM 2019 

Pérez Morales T.G., Ho TD, Liu WT, Dorrestein PC, Ellermeier CD. (2013) Production of the cannibalism toxin SDP is a multistep process that requires SdpA and SdpB. J Bacteriol.195(14):3244-51.

Genome publications

Hammami, Z*, Araneta, A*, Feustel, M*, Kamal, Y*, Hamid, I*, Arshad, M*, Ghani, A*, Raheem, H*, Ali, D*, Baig, A*, Corona, J*, Zuberi, I*, Shahid, S*, Maqsood, S*, Baig, S*, Perez Morales, T. (2022) Arthrobacter phage Eesa. Accession number OP751152

Klimisch,N.*, Appavu,A.*, Pipowski,J.*, Mahairi,R.*, Fatima,S.*, Syeda,M.*, Hussain,A.*, Srour,S.*, Chen,B.*, Ahmed,H.*, Hashmi,S.*, Khalaf,H.*, Cajas,E.*, Najeeb,S.*, Khan,F.*, Amer,Z.*, Parakkal,K., Mohammed,Y.*, Mohammed,Z.*, Waheed,B.*, Pérez Morales T.G.,  Washington,J.M., Garlena,R.A., Russell,D.A., Jacobs-Sera,D. and Hatfull,G.F. (2021) Mycobacterium Phage Boiiii. Accession number OK310505

Egbuna,A*., Amatullah,M*., Jaber,L*., Ahmed,M.*, Khan,E.*, Ismah,N.*, Rivas,S.M.*, Cepolski,R.*, Ulery,S.*, Lochrie,J.*, Edukutharayil,S.*,Gurmani,H.*, Pérez Morales T.G., Garlena,R.A., Russell,D.A., Jacobs-Sera,D. and Hatfull,G.F. (2021) Mycobacterium Phage Twitch. Accession number MW712722

Pollenz,R.S., Bancroft,C.T., Cornely,K., Smith,L.A., Fackenthal,J.D., Pérez Morales T.G., Gainey,M.D., Carvell,W.N., Spence,R.D., Chalal,J., Beyer,A.R., Garlena,R.A., Russell,D.A.,Pope,W.H., Jacobs-Sera,D. and Hatfull,G.F. (2020) Mycobacterium Phage Ellie. Accession number MT723940

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